28th of March in Moscow was held the meeting of the National Committee of the economic Cooperation with Latin American countries (CN CEPLA). This annual conference coincided with 20th anniversary of the organization. Deputy Director Andrey Vasiliev congratulated the General Manager of CEPLA Tatiana Mashkova with the significant date on the behalf of the SPbSRIVS,
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November 2017, Institute of vaccines and serums from Saint Petersburg joined Developing Countries Vaccine Manufactures Network (DCVMN). Our Institute is the only one Russian biotechnology.company in the network, which unite big.international manufacturers, such as MERCK, Green Cross, SK Chemicals, etc. The union of world’s largest vaccine manufacturers is a power, which can possible prevent the terrible
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UNIDO Conference

In Austria, 23-24 November 2017 the delegation of the.Institute of Vaccines and Serums participated in the Seventh UNIDO Ministerial Conference on the Least Developed Countries (LDCs)*. About 350 participants from more than 60 countries of the world gathered in Vienna to discuss the creation of conditions for sustainable development in the Least Developed Countries. According
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Director of PAHO Doc. Carissa Etienne visited Institute of vaccines and serums in Saint Petersburg (SPbSRIVS) within the framework of cooperation between Pan American Health Organization and Federal Medico-Biological Agency of Russia (FMBA), which along with other institutions includes SPbSRIVS. Doctor Etienne arrived to Russia to be acquainted with the latest achievements of Russian public
The potential of Venezuela to become the important center of vaccines production and export was one of the key topics of negotiations, which took place at the headquarters of the diplomatic representation of Venezuela in Moscow. During the meeting, Ambassador of Venezuela in Russia Carlos Faría and Deputy Director of SPbSRIVS Andrey Vasiliev spoke about mutual

UNIDO supports MECHNIKOV project

UNIDO and Russia working on vaccine production technology transfer to improve healthcare in Latin America and the Caribbean. In Vienna, 16 October 2017, representatives of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization’s Latin America and Caribbean Division and the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums and the Bacterial Preparation Factory (SPbSRIVS) met to discuss

Chilean horizons for SPbSRIVS

In Saint Petersburg was held the meeting.with representatives of Institute of Public Health of Chile.(Instituto de Salud Pública (ISP) and specialists of SPbSRIVS. Pablo Ortiz Diaz, Managing Financial Director of ISP represented.Chilean part. He showed the interest in expanding the cooperation with SPbSRIVS in assessing.the potential for the presence of Russian immunobiological products in the
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May 28, Minister of Health of Panama Dr. Miguel Mayo visited the production plant in SPbSRIVS. Director of Institute Dr. Viktor Trukhin conducted the excursion for the guest on the influenza vaccine production. During the official visit Dr. Miguel Mayo was acquainted with both the current activities of the Institute and perspective plans. In particular,
In connection with the confusion in the media concerning the various methods of diagnosing tuberculosis, namely the Mantoux and Pirquet tests, as well as Diaskintest, we have prepared this clarification for the media. Mantoux test, also known as intradermal tuberculin test. Requires an intradermal injection of tuberculin using a specially designed tuberculin syringe. As a