This Wednesday, February 3, the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums received the official Nicaraguan delegation led by the President of the Nicaraguan Social Insurance Institution (NSII), Dr. Roberto Lopez. Nicaraguan experts discussed with their Russian counterparts further steps to bring Russian-made vaccines, in particular influenza vaccines, and their synthesis technologies to
This Tuesday, President of Nicaragua, Mr. Daniel Ortega, met with Russian officials to discuss the progress of the construction project of a joint Russian-Nicaraguan vaccine factory. The meeting with President D. Ortega, was attended by the Director of SPbSRIVS Mr. Victor Trukhin, Russian Ambassador to Nicaragua Mr. Nikolay M. Vladimir and the INSS President Mr.
  This Thursday, at a meeting chaired by Mr. Vladimir Uiba, Director of the Russian Federal Biomedical Agency, experts discussed the progress of the joint Russian-Nicaraguan project of setting up in Managua, Nicaragua, a production facility for vaccines and other immunobiological preparations. The project is implemented pursuant to instructions issued by the President of the
The influenza vaccine, developed by the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums of the Russian Federal Biomedical Agency, was issued a registration certificate in Nicaragua. This is the first step in the joint project by the Russian-Nicaraguan Intergovernmental Commission to support penetration by Russian immunobiological products of the Latin American markets. The registration
On February 18-20, a tripartite meeting was held by the representatives of Russia, Nicaragua, and the leadership of PAHO/WHO in Managua, Nicaragua. As a result of the meeting, a memorandum and an agreement of intent were signed. SPbSRIVS influenza vaccine and tuberculin, as well as its production facility in Krasnoye Selo will be registered in