Our quality policy

The strategic goal pursued by SPbSRIVS is to retain a leading position in the biomedical industry both in Russia and abroad and to be competitive on the CIS and global markets.

Only by achieving the set goal, we will ensure the sustainable development of the Company and achieve the optimal return on investment.

To achieve this goal, we base our work on the following principles:

  • Customer focus. Customer focus means completely meeting the customers’ expectations of the services we provide and of the quality of our products.
  • Managers’ leading role in the business. Managers should be generators of ideas and actions aimed at improving the quality of our products, services, and processes and role models for the staff.
  • Manager-staff relations are based on fairness and recognition of achievements. The company takes care of every its employee, striving to create the best working conditions possible and offer fair compensation for productive and motivated labor. In return, we expect from each employee that she will make maximum use of her knowledge and professional skills for the benefit of the company, contribute to its financial performance, and care about its business reputation in same way as about her own. The continuous professional development system is seen by us the foundation of the high intellectual potential of the employees and a significant competitive advantage.
  • Process approach. We consider our management system as a chain of interrelated and interdependent processes. A new process is added to the business management system only if it adds value to the business and its products.
  • Systematic approach to management. We understand that efficiently achieving the set goals is impossible without the introduction of a quality management system meeting the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001, as well as systematic reengineering of business processes.
  • Working with suppliers. We strive to maintain partnership and mutual trust in the relations with our suppliers. Our performance and customer satisfaction depends, among other things, on our suppliers. Suppliers are not only businesses supplying materials, intermediate products, and components for our needs, but also our service providers, including those that we outsource a number of quality management system processes to.
  • Continuous improvement of our operations. We strive for continuous improvement, first of all, by adopting the most advanced and productive technology and production processes, to meet the expectations of our consumers offering them quality warranties and the lowest possible prices.
  • Decision-making based on an analysis of production and management processes. We continuously monitor and measure the ongoing production and management processes in order to develop corrective and preventive actions based on the monitoring and measurement data. We seek to prevent problems – to avoid having to deal with their consequences.
  • The motto of SPbSRIVS is working with total dedication and subjecting all available resources to the main goal of leading in product quality both nationally and globally.

All staff members should be aware of this Policy, which serves as the foundation for the development of quality objectives, both for the entire business and its individual units.

The Director is the person responsible for the development and implementation of an integrated management system in the company and delegates to the Deputy Director for Quality the authority necessary to ensure the implementation and effective operation of the quality management system.